Authenticity and transparency in authorship are encouraged for publishing in the Asian Journal of Emerging Research. Authorship confers accountability and credit for the manuscript's content submitted for publishing, therefore all the enlisted 'authors' must meet our 'Authorship Criteria'.

Upon receiving the manuscript, the editorial staff double-checks with all authors and contributors to substantiate and validate the acknowledgment and approval of the submitted manuscript by the authors for processing in the Asian Journal of Emerging Research. It is obligatory for all authors, including those removed from the list, to approve the submitted and accepted versions for publications.

Author Contributions

The contributions of all authors must be enlisted at the time of submission, as the level of contributions will be published with the final article. Asian Journal of Emerging Research has adopted the CRediT Taxonomy formulated during a joint workshop between Harvard University and the Wellcome Trust and a pilot led by Cell Press's Gabriel Harp to help identify each author's contribution to the work.

The Asian Journal of Emerging Research subscribes to the guidance from the International Council of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) for authorship credit as stated below

  • Significant contribution in study conception or design, data collection, and/or data analysis or interpretation.
  • Participation in drafting or revising the manuscript for important intellectual content.
  • Approval of the final published version
  • Responsibility for accuracy and integrity of all aspects of research

For being approved as an enlisted author, the above-mentioned criteria must be met.

Before submitting the final manuscript, authors should ensure that they have followed the Journal's Guide to author and Authorship policy accordingly.


Those who do not meet the above-mentioned criteria, but have contributed nevertheless to the manuscript, shall be enlisted in acknowledgment after acquiring approbation from the individual. This usually includes technical help, financial/material support.

Financial Assistance

Funding sources or status of all types, including no specific funding, should be mentioned in the 'acknowledgment' section. At the time of submission, the role of the research funder apart from financial aid (e.g., the involvement of the commercial organization) should be mentioned/provided.Any other sources inclusive of funding for open access publication, writing or editorial assistance, or provision of experimental material should also be described.

Authorship Disputes

All the Authorship disputes chiefly ghost authorship and gift authorship will be observed by the Journal's ethical committee and resolved according to the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics .

The responsibility and accountability of the accuracy and integrity of any part of the submitted content lie on all the authors, including the ones collaborating on multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary work.

Changes in the authorship including addition, deletion, change of order, or change in a contribution after initial submission must be first approved by all enlisted authors.